Why Choose Maniti Expeditions Iquitos Amazon Tour Opeator

Every one of our clients gets personalized attention. We have built our reputation by thoughtfully attending to details and constantly upgrading our staff and logistics capabilities. When you are dealing with Maniti Expeditions you are dealing directly with the actual tour operator, not an agency or re-seller. We are an established Iquitos jungle tour operator with professional offices and logistics capabilities, high-quality gear, and a genuine love for what we do. We don’t aim to be the most luxurious nor the cheapest, but we do aim to give the best value and experience. We rely very heavily on word of mouth and repeat customers for our bookings; consequently, it is imperative that we give our clients the best experience possible during their time in the Amazon Rainforest of Iquitos, Peru and the surrounding area.

It is our goal to give all travelers who are visiting Iquitos, the Pacaya Samiria Reserve and this entire region of the Amazon rainforest a truly unforgettable & authentic amazon rainforest tour, exposing you to as much of our beautiful land, nature and culture as possible during your stay here at our jungle lodge in the amazon rainforest. We know that the success of our Iquitos rainforest tours is based on the quality of our rainforest tours and excursions. Maniti Expeditions offers custom, all-inclusive Iquitos jungle tours that have very competitive rates and the best customer reviews in the region. We ensure a unique, exciting, educational, eco-friendly, fun, and safe trip! All of our Iquitos, Peru rainforest tours and excursions are guided by local, professional, certified, multi-lingual Iquitos tour guides with many years of experience in the Amazon Rainforest of Iquitos, Peru and the surrounding area.

For many years, Maniti Expeditions has coordinated and guided countless unforgettable jungle tours based out of Iquitos, Peru into the “jungle of mirrors” for numerous archaeologists, scientists, researchers, journalists, photographers and film makers from all around the globe. We also service shamanic ayahuasca retreats, solo-travelers, families with children, large groups, fisherman, bird enthusiasts, honeymooners and students.

Maniti Expeditions in Iquitos Peru is a full-service rainforest lodge that offers prearranged and custom all-inclusive rainforest tours. We also provide custom jungle tour itineraries from 1 to 14+ days, depending on each traveler’s interests and time available. Do not hesitate to ask to have a custom-tailored jungle tour package made, simply let us know how many nights you are interested in staying and we can discuss your options.