Maniti Eco-Lodge Property Information

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The Maniti Eco-Lodge is located about 70 kilometers downriver from the city of Iquitos, approximately 2 hours in boat from the Port of Nanay. Our lodge was carefully designed to offer comfort to travelers yet preserve the environment and surrounding rainforest ambiance. All of our cozy private bungalows are constructed entirely of secondary growth rainforest materials and nestle well concealed into the lush surroundings.

Each bungalow is designed to be well ventilated and comfortable with amenities including high thatched roof, shaded terrace, private bathroom with flushing toilet & shower (no hot water - this is the Amazon, you will not want to shower with HOT water), locking doors & mosquito netting for each bed (although you will be surprised at what little need you will have for this item due to the lack of insects). Our jungle lodge in Iquitos Peru is safe and very relaxing, it is just not a luxury retreat and you must be ready for a place that does not have the modern amenities (electricity available from 6 to 9pm only, for night reading & recharge your camera batteries, no internet, no a/c).

There are several public gathering spots, including the spacious dining room with a bar and a large hammock room. In the evening the property is light up with multiple kerosene lamps. There is limited electricity in the evening hours, allowing travelers to charge their personal items.

In an effort to conserve the authentic Amazon experience and for ecological reasons, please note that there is no air conditioning in the bungalows. The open design of the bungalows allows visitors to listen and enjoy the sounds of the rainforest, while maintaining a genuine & authentic jungle experience in maximum comfort.

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