Iquitos Peru Fishing Tours & Charters

Are you one of the avid anglers who is interested in catching the legendary Peacock Bass? Pacu? Piranha? A passion of ours is sport fishing. Maniti Camp Expeditions is a peacock bass fishing charter company based of out Iquitos Peru that offers that offers Iquitos fishing tours to the anglers who want to experience the thrill of hauling in a trophy Peacock Bass, Pacu, monster piranha, and other exotic species!

If you have had the pleasure of joining the many sport fishermen who have taken an Amazon peacock bass fishing trip to Brazil or Venezuela then your next Amazon peacock bass fishing tour should be here in Iquitos Peru! We have a passion for peacock bass, the fiercest fighting freshwater fish. Peacock bass have straightened our hooks, destroyed lures, ripped the gears out of my reels, broken my poles and escaped in every imaginable way. If you like are looking for a very rewarding challenge and want to test your skills and have a real fishing adventure come visit us for a peacock bass fishing tour in Iquitos, Peru!

The best months for Peacock Bass fishing in Iquitos are during the beginning of the low water season when the water level drops down out of the flooded jungle, the banks are visible, and before the fish begin to spawn. In the upper Amazon of Peru that is usually from May to November, but we still manage to put you on top of them during high-water season (December-May).

Our Iquitos peacock bass fishing charter service will pick you up in Iquitos and transfer to the port of Nauta or Port of Nanay (depending on the length of your fishing tour in Iquitos). Here we will travel by boat into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve or visit some of the destination lakes and lagoons. We should arrive early enough to get some fishing in the first day. Deep inside the jungle, we will spend our nights making campsites. All fishing excursion accommodations include tents, beds with mosquito net, jungle style hammock and all fishing equipment (of course, you are welcome to bring your own fishing equipment if you want).

All of our Iquitos fishing excursions and charters include all airport receptions and transfers, meals and mineral water, special fishing guides, and a small motorized boat for fishing in remote lakes. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are not included in the fishing program but are available upon request for an additional charge.

If you are traveling with your significant other or maybe a friend who is not as interested in an Iquitos fishing tour as you are, he or she will also have an amazing Amazon experience. Life is interesting along the river and you will experience new sights and sounds every day. We will observe nature, you will see and hear pink dolphins, monkeys, parrots, macaws, toucans, and hundreds of other animals in their natural habitat.

Join Maniti Expeditions, for an exciting day or a week of fishing for the hardest fighting, most delicious, most beautiful fish in the world. If you like fishing, you do not want to miss this opportunity. Contact us today to book your Iquitos Peru fishing expedition that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime!