Ayahuasca Information

Ayahuasca is a shamanic medicine originating from the Amazon Rainforest, brewed from a combination of several plants that are legally available in Peru. It is associated with rituals and religious ceremonies that are specific to a complete Ayahuasca experience. The immediate effects of the medicine can be felt in about 20-60 minutes after the oral intake, but the intoxication can, on occasion, last on a person for up to 8 hours. Ayahuasca has a broad spectrum of some amazing positive effects on the body, mind & soul, making one feel completely different in every single ceremony.



Ayahuasca is becoming well known, and Ayahuasca tourism to South America for ayahuasca ceremonies has doubled in the past couple of years. Everyone wants to attain a higher consciousness and peek into the vast unknown universe within.


Ayahuasca is called by some the Spirit Molecule, and by others the God Molecule. It helps people discover the divine within us all. DMT has been the spiritual medicine of indigenous tribes in South America, particularly in Peru and Ecuador. It is a medicine of the jungle. It is a combination of several ingredients, all plants that grow in the jungle, and DMT ayahuasca is a brew of this combination of plants. Spirit vine contains DMT, the God Molecule, or the Spirit Molecule because it puts a person in an altered state of consciousness, a hallucinogenic entheogen.


Many people tout the healing effects of dmt ayahuasca, from the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level, and most importantly the spiritual level, where all illness starts from. If the illness is addressed from within, deep within, the physical manifestation of illness often disappears. If old resentment and anger is let go, health in mind, body and spirit takes its place.



Everyone is different, and the plant medicine reacts differently in each person’s chemistry, mental constructs, and emotional environment. What can you expect? It is a very individualized experience for each person.


There are as many paths to God as there are individuals on the planet; likewise, there are just as many possibilities for an Ayahuasca experience as there are individuals on the planet. Your experience with Ayahuasca will be unique and will be your own.


Just as with meditation, some people are very visual types of people (clairvoyant) and will see colors, patterns, and visions.


Some people are sensing types and will feel emotional and mental changes, or will sense magnetic forces; they seem to “know” (clairsentient). Some people “hear” voices, explanations or sounds (clairaudient). For yet others, it is a combination of all of these. All report feeling physical changes, and this is to be expected when you ask, “what can I expect?” Ayahuasca spirit and all plant medicines are healing vessels and each individual perceives what they do with different senses.



Ayahuasca is used extensively for healing and religious ceremonies. In recent decades, there is a growing interest in the said substance due to its potential in treating mental disorders like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction.


Some felt that they were lost, but came to their senses again after using Ayahuasca. Others felt that they were too consumed with their personal issues, but Ayahuasca awakened them to feel alive again.


In most ayahuasca ceremonies, nausea and vomiting are a common side effect. Some even experience diarrhea. Aside from these, there are obvious physical side effects. Some ayahuasca users experience profuse sweating and shivering. Their heart rate and blood pressure rise. These ayahuasca effects, which are likely due to DMT intoxication, subject one to risks of hypertension, agitations, dizziness and muscular incoordination.


Ayahuasca may also affect one’s emotional state. As some put it, ayahuasca makes one reflect on his experiences and loosen up from his normal way of thinking. It gives one the strength to think about his traumatic past and confront those things that he usually pushes out of his conscious mind. It can stir up your traumatic past and result in distress. It may also heighten one’s fears and result in anxiety and paranoia.





In preparation for your ayahuasca ceremony, it is suggested that you adhere to ayahuasca diet guidelines. It is not required to be on the ayahuasca diet to have a good experience but it helps to prepare your body to receive ayahuasca. It depends on how clean you already eat and how healthy you are. If you are already a healthy eater, you will probably be fine and have a good experience. The ayahuasca diet is simply a suggestion to prepare for ayahuasca ceremony.


There is a specific way an ayahuasca shaman suggests preparing for ayahuasca ceremony. Shamans suggests that, if possible, using the ayahuasca diet for 2-4 weeks prior to your ayahuasca ceremony. If you don’t have 2-4 weeks to prepare, try to be disciplined for 2-3 days before the ayahuasca ceremony.


These plant medicines seem to “know” when you’ve been bad or good in your diet, and your experience will reflect what is in your body. Make sure your body is a clean vessel in which this medicine can function the way it is intended to.


For the most part, the ayahuasca diet is like an alkaline diet, which excludes acidic foods.



We require that you NEVER enter an ayahuasca ceremony combined with any recreational substance, pharmaceutical drugs, nor health herbal formulations that can affect the physical body in any way, including seemingly non-impacting vitamins or herbs.


All that is being required is three days before the start of shamanic ceremonies you go all natural and have your body in its unadulterated state so you can truly connect with these plant medicine spiritual experiences. Ayahuasca must be used alone, by itself, and never combined with other medicines, stimulants or depressants. There shouldn’t be any chemical altering of your body or brain even if seemingly for something minor.


No documentation or scientific study has been done to examine any substance in combination with Ayahuasca, so no one really knows what would be safe. Therefore, it is safe to say that abstaining from everything for the three days before the ceremony would be the best avenue. That includes your normal medications as well. (Always consult with your doctor about this.)



One reason why there have been complications for some people with ayahuasca ceremonies, is that some shamans mix other substances into their medicine, like datura (which can give nightmarish experiences and cause death) or high quantities of nicotine (to open the body more to medicine), or other substances that change the nature of the medicine somewhat.


By contract with our shamans, we do not allow our shamans to mix anything into the medicine that is not part of the traditional ingredients. Our shamans practice the utmost of safety when it comes to making sure our medicines are pure and unadulterated. When deaths are connected to Ayahuasca, it is normally the person who ingests the ayahuasca has mixed with other substances.


No deaths from Ayahuasca DMT, Ayahuasca, or the Spirit Molecule / God Molecule are known, unless pharmaceutical or recreational drugs are mixed, or serious health issues are aggravated, like respiratory illnesses or heart diseases. Blood pressure can rise too. However, death has not been associated with DMT ayahuasca no matter what the dose.